Forges de Pyrène - Montgailhard

The unforgotten village

Just 5 km out of Foix, in the bucolic setting of a 5 hectare shaded park with a pretty Pyrenean river running through, nestles an unforgotten village known as the “Forges de Pyrène”. In this charming place, a haven from the hectic pace of modern society, artisans and tradesmen re-enact, to the great delight of visitors,the lifestyle and trades of Ariege in the past. Passionate heirs to skills they refuse to let slip away, Philippe (known as Zézé), Fabien, David and all of their team demonstrate with skill, verve and humour the trades and techniques that have contributed to building our current era. Enthusiasts such as the blacksmith, clog-maker, school-teacher, baker andbasket weaver are present throughout the day offering activities, demonstrations and workshops open to all that will delight visitors of all ages.

This unforgotten village, nestled in the heart of the Ariege Pyrenees, is the setting for artisans and tradespeople to re-enact the life and work of bygone days.Known as the “Forges de Pyrène”, this village is set in a 5 hectare haven of greenery and is very different to other leisure or activity parks.

Here, the heirs to time-honoured expertise consecrate their time and passion to educate and entertain the visitors.Whether their work isblacksmithing, stained glass, basketry, hammer forging or gold panning, they all share a desire to prevent the trades and techniques of the past from disappearing – all these activities have indeed contributed to shaping our current era.

Just 5 kilometres from Foix, on the Forges de Pyrène site, these enthusiasts offer activities, demonstrations and participative workshops open to all.

The aim is to presentpeople of all ages with the chance during their visit to be amazed by, remember, discover or rediscover the activities of bygone days and the knowledge of fascinating past times,and to set aside for a time their smartphone screens and games consoles.

It is a pause from modern life where visitors can, notably, see an authentic hammer forge in action, still furnished and equipped as it was in the past. Here, the public are welcomed by Philippe, master of the house, who will explain the development of techniques and the local repercussions and then perform an impressive demonstration of the hammer forge in action.
Many different activities and workshops are also on offer by other artisans – some of whom work on the site year-round.

The museographic space at Forges de Pyrene and its collection of 5000 tools completes this visit full of shared experiences to captivate both children and adults.


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